Gartner recognizes RiskQ as a Sample Vendor in Hype Cycle for Cyber Risk Management

Gartner has acknowledged RiskQ as a Sample Vendor in the Cyber Risk Management, 2022 report.

‘We are proud to be recognized as a Sample Vendor in Gartner’s Cyber Risk Management report. We intimately know the importance and challenge in the cyber risk quantification space and are proud that we are being recognized as a contributor. We will continue to work to advance and promote the best techniques and technologies in cyber risk quantification.’

Ariel Evans, CEO and founder of RiskQ

The Hype Cycle™ for Cyber Risk Management “describes the related concepts, methods, processes and technology solutions that organizations can use to develop programs to withstand risk events or seek risk-related opportunities.” The list covers 25 categories within cyber risk with cyber risk quantification given a “high” benefit rating in the space. 

Gartner's Hype Cycle for Cyber Risk Management
Gartner® Hype Cycle for Cyber Risk Management, 2022

Gartner examines the changes this arena has seen in recent years, especially dealing with the supply chain effects from COVID-19 and war in the Ukraine. The Hype Cycle calls on organizations to re-focus on risk fundamentals as well as consider the increasing threats from IoT, Third parties and outsourcing.  


In this report, Gartner recognizes RiskQ as a Sample Vendor in the Cyber Risk Quantification category. Gartner characterizes cyber risk quantification as a solution for security and risk leaders who need to serve the business by expressing cyber risk in monetary terms. CRQ is most useful in use cases such as security investment prioritization and determining cyber insurance premiums. 


Gartner’s recognition confirms our position in and vision for the CRQ space. RiskQ is committed to bringing the advantages of cyber risk quantification to its customers and the greater risk community. Our digital asset approach, based on over five years of research with the F1000 and the cyber insurance industry serves as the foundation of our analysis. Our platform is designed to allow you to quickly perform and analyze your results. 


Under the umbrella of cyber risk quantification, our platform also provides solutions for: 

  • Automated Asset Inventory 
  • Cyber Exposure Quantifications 
  • Ransomware Strategy 
  • Cyber Control Gap Analysis 
  • Prioritization of Vulnerabilities 
  • Cyber Tool ROI 
  • Third Party Risk Programs 
  • Cyber Tool Roadmaps 
  • Regulatory Management 
  • Compliance 
  • Privacy Management 
  • Reduce Asset Redundancy 
  • Adequate Cyber Insurance 
  • M&A 

 To learn more about how we are moving forward in the Cyber Risk Quantification space, please get in touch.