RiskQ selected to participate in the Microsoft Pegasus Program

RiskQ is pleased to announce that we have become a participant in the Microsoft Pegasus program, an extension of the Founders Hub platform from Microsoft for Startups. The Pegasus Program is an ecosystem of startups with solutions that fill a market need and help uncover leads, drive sales and accelerate growth.

Participation in the Pegasus Program allows RiskQ to reach more Microsoft clients to their solution which helps them manage their internal cyber security assets and quantify financially quantify cyber risk management exposures. The integrations enable CISO’s, CIO’s, Chief Risk Officers, and Boards to maximize businesses resilience and provides:

  • Determining Maximum Probable Loss
  • Measure the ROI of cyber security investments
  • Justification cyber security budgets
  • Optimize cyber insurance limits and coverage
  • Communicate cyber risk in financial terms at both company, subsidiary and business unit level

“We feel privileged to be among the startup companies from around the world chosen to join the Microsoft for Startups program,” said Ariel Evans, CEO of RiskQ. “Companies are under massive pressure to limit financial losses from cyber events. Our collaboration with Microsoft will enable Microsoft customers to automate the visibility into this much needed financial data that automatically measures, manages, mitigates their cyber risk exposure and help meet increasing demands from over 180 global regulators.”

RiskQ’s selection reflects its commitment to providing global enterprises with automated and advanced cyber risk quantification platform available. As part of the Pegasus Program, Microsoft helps connect startups with enterprise customers and drive acquisition and accelerate growth. Participation requires technical and business vetting with Microsoft experts.

“The ability to financially quantify and automate cyber risk is a game changer for businesses and cyber insurance companies,” says Ariel Evans, CEO and Co-founder at RiskQ. “By expanding through the Microsoft network, RiskQ can strengthen the cybersecurity of every business.”

“RiskQ’s mission to address automation and financial exposures for enterprise and insurance of this dynamic part of the cybersecurity industry is a great fit for the program. We look forward to working with RiskQ to deliver their innovative solution to our joint customers,” said Tom Davis, Senior Director, Microsoft Pegasus at Microsoft Corp.

RiskQ is an official Microsoft partner and RiskQ can be purchased directly through  Microsoft Commercial Marketplace.