We wrote the Books on Cyber Risk Quantification

The ValuRisQ next gen cyber risk quantification platform allows the organization to decipher cyber risk details in financial language that everyone understands from the CISO to the board. Cyber risk assessments are actually control
assessments. They have been mislabeled for years and only provide the firm with the effectiveness of the cybersecurity control. This is necessary for the CISO to understand and know where to strengthen controls, however the board and
senior executives own the risk and need a deeper understanding of the financial liabilities they will be held accountable for.

Most solutions have a low level of data confidence and are manual in their application. ValuRisQ automatically incorporates the key business context in the cyber risk analysis by automating the collection of the data. This provides
for the highest level of trust in the analysis and allows the business to concentrate on reducing risk, not data gathering. Our reporting is holistic and can be shared with the CISO, Data Privacy Officer, CRO, compliance teams, internal and external auditors.

The analysis is provided in actionable visualizations that follow the cybersecurity lifecycle. Our solution provides objective output based on cybersecurity and privacy law and is backed by our University Committee of Cyber Attorneys worldwide. The financial data combined with different risk types is the underpinning of a strong foundation for any size business to become cyber resilient.

  • Enterprise Cybersecurity in Digital Business Book- Cyber risk management
  • Managing Cyber Risk Book - cyber security risk assessment- RiskQ

Our mission

Our mission is to become the gold standard in automated regulatory and cyber risk quantification and management.

We arm executives with tools to prioritize and manage cybersecurity and regulatory risks aligned to their associated financial exposures.

What we Do: Business Intelligence & Analytics

Our risk engine transforms your cyber risk into financial metrics and visualizes them in a dashboard presentation coupled with drill down capabilities. These include:

  • Ransomware strategy – a cost benefit analysis of when to pay versus when to restore aligned to your risk appetite.
  • Gap analysis of cyber controls – identification of weak controls across your infrastructure related to their financial exposures.
  • Vulnerability remediation priorities – An analysis of the prioritization of your vulnerability management program based on financial exposures.
  • Cyber tool ROI – analysis of return on investment of your cybersecurity tools and relationship to your risk reduction.
  • Cyber tool roadmaps – evaluation of your current tools related to specific types of risk reduction and a gap analysis of missing tools.
  • Regulatory compliance – A scoping report of your compliance requirements related to cybersecurity and privacy regulations and an automated program that allows you to comply with regulation.
  • Cost reductions due to redundant tools – a report that allows you to understand when your siloed efforts are resulting in over expenditures related to redundant tools.
  • Reduction of malware exposure – A reduction of your malware exposure based upon data exfiltration exposures at the record level related to your technologies.
  • Cyber insurance needs – A limits adequacy study based upon how your insurance claims are paid in relationship to aggregate limit and sub limits for privacy, health care, business interruption, and ransomware.
  • M&A – An analysis of the financial exposures of target assets related to a potential merger or acquisition based upon our risk models coupled with a due diligence of the controls of the target asset.
  • A CISO on demand to present results to the board – A bona fide Chief Information Security Officer who will provide oversight and reporting to your board of directors related to the data presented in our visualizations.

“ValuRisQ’s cyber risk quantification platform provided me a ROI on my cybersecurity program and a financial strategy for my board to understand what is needed to be cyber resilient.”

CISO - Company Confidential - Insurance Industry

“The Three Blind Men and the Elephant”

The Three Blind Men and the Elephant- Managing Cyber security- RiskQ

In 2017, RiskQ pioneered the digital asset approach to cyber risk by interviewing the Fortune 1000 and cyber insurance industry. This process led us to understand what prevents companies from integrating technical data into business metrics with accessible strategies.

We documented our discoveries in the book ‘Managing Cyber Risk’. The answer is comparable to the parable of “The Three Blind Men and The Elephant.

One touches the trunk and says it’s a tree, the other the tail and says it’s a rope, and the third feels the belly, saying it’s a wall. Then cyber-criminals attack their invaluable digital assets. They do not see risk in its actual context. Everything we do at RiskQ is to prevent this from happening to your business.

Are you ready to propel your business forward?

If you’re looking to drive innovation, reduce your customers’ cybersecurity risk, and boost your cybersecurity sales with our cutting edge technology and partnership opportunities, get in touch. Our in-house experts will be happy to help you get the ball rolling, one innovative initiative at a time.

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