RadarQ – A Next Generation IT Asset Scanner



Most of today’s IT asset scanners provide incomplete, and inaccurate data, are painfully slow and built for one purpose. In this blog post, we will explore legacy IT scanner disadvantages and how RiskQ’s RadarQ next generation technology is a game-changer for businesses in today’s technology-driven world.



Agent vs. Agentless


In today’s IT landscape, businesses are finding it increasingly challenging to keep track of their ever-growing IT assets. Most IT Asset Scanners use agents. Agents cannot scan across all operating systems. They can only scan one operating system. However, no company just uses Windows, or Linux or UNIX or MAC.

RadarQ is an agentless scanner that uses a different methodology that allows companies to identify assets regardless of the operating system.



Built for One Purpose


Most asset scanners are built for one purpose. They can identify assets and information related to bandwidth and CPU utilization for remote maintenance and monitoring (RMM) or vulnerability discovery (VMS). VMS have no IT asset discovery and RMM has no data related to cybersecurity tools and controls. RadarQ can discover not only all the IT assets, but it will also get all the RMM related data and discover all the cybersecurity tools and metadata.





Scanners that use agents are very slow and take tens of hours to scan. They scan over 56,000 ports to get their data over and over and over again. RadarQ is an agentless scanner that uses a different methodology and takes less than 30 minutes.





There is a maintenance issue with a scanner that uses an agent, the fix can only be applied physically to the agent. Agentless scanners like RadarQ, have real-time updates that do not require a physical site visit.





In conclusion, our agentless scanner RadarQ provides a complete IT asset inventory for cybersecurity, RMM and other needs. It is the fastest IT asset scanner in the world and requires minimal to no maintenance. Get in touch with us for a demo account. Info@risk-q.com.