RiskQ + Big ID
Integrated Cyber Risk Quantification Platform

Extend your BigID Implementation with RiskQ

Extend your BigID Implementation with RiskQ

Our solution allows you to understand the financial impacts of your data program and effectively mitigate data loss, ransomware exposure and regulatory risk. Coupled with BigIDs data integration capabilities, RiskQ provides BigID clients security assessments, third-party risk management and cyber insurance.

How ValuRisQ Helps Your Organization

Cyber Risk

Understand the financial impact of cyber risk. Determine how much investment is needed to reduce cyber risk.

Third Party Risk

Provides a third-party risk management program to comply with all cyber and privacy regulations. Save thousands with our self- service portal.

Automated Security

Choose any framework and create custom frameworks to comply with all types of cyber and privacy regulations.


Automated tools keep pace with regulation and help keep you compliant while reducing redundancy and expense.


Addresses all global privacy regulations and gives you a unified program to meet requirements of GDPR, CCPA, et al.


A scan of your infrastructure and security tools will determine value of digital assets and get you appropriate premiums.

How ValuRisQ Works?

RiskQ also solves for:

  • Automated Asset Inventory
  • Cyber Exposure Quantifications
  • Cyber Control Gap Analysis
  • Prioritization of Vulnerabilities
  • CyberToolROI
  • Cyber Tool Roadmaps
  • Ransomware Strategy
  • Compliance
  • Asset Redundancy Discovery
  • M&A

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