Take control of your cybersecurity and privacy strategy and decrease your risk with the power of RiskQ

The Board and Senior Management are the cybersecurity and privacy risk owners. RiskQ’s powerful quantification and assessment models will provide you the tools and insights to create a cohesive and effective culture of intelligent cybersecurity and privacy management.

Cyber risk assessment and analytics for the modern enterprise

Our cutting-edge cyber risk management solutions offer three data-driven features that will help you translate cyber risk into business risk.

Proven models

Measure and quantify cyber risk to make your business more intelligent and responsive across the board.

Real business insights

Connect with dynamic visual business insights that will improve your operational efficiency and empower
you to take charge of your cybersecurity strategy.

Objective analytics

Transform insight into action with concrete analytics insights based on cyber threats and potential
financial risks.

A proven approach to cyber risk management

Use our RiskQ platform and avoid resource intensive, lengthy data collection efforts. Eliminate the costs of outside consultants that provide point in time analysis only and utilize our continuous monitoring of your cyber risk to have the most up to date information.

Equipped with our financial insights, better, faster decisions are made with a focus on how to prioritize cybersecurity investments based on risk reduction with a clear measurement of ROI allowing for the greatest impact on security performance while reducing any need for additional resources.

Coming from Industry: Financial Line of Sight

Cyber-costs are rising across geographies and are game-changing even for large businesses. Regulatory oversights are growing exponentially. Companies lack a fundamental understanding of cyber risk severity and associated liabilities, underestimating their financial exposure. The components of cybersecurity exposures are:

  • Regulatory compliance, e.g., U.S. federal and state frameworks, international regulation, industrial specifics.
  • Cyber risks components: privacy breach, data loss, business interruption.
  • Watch this conversation with RiskQ’s Chief Product Officer Dr. Yoav Intrator, former CEO JPMorgan Chase Israel and Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach, Managing Director EMEA of The ExCo Leadership Group, NED Speaker and Professor of AI.

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Start your cyber risk management journey today

“Privacy is cybersecurity!  It has additional requirements for the use and collection of data.  Most privacy
tools have no cybersecurity capabilities.  RiskQ has it all.”

CPO Confidential
Insurance Industry

As a leader in cyber risk management and assessment, RiskQ will arm your business with the tools to take charge of
its cybersecurity and privacy destiny with access to powerful models and visual insights designed for the digital

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