Objective analytics for accurate & effective cybersecurity management and quantification

Understand cybersecurity and risk from a living, breathing business perspective with our advanced data-driven algorithms

Cybersecurity analytics tools- Ensuring cyber risk quantification

Cyber risk equals business risk

Armed with the right tools, insights, and visualizations, you can measure your business’s exposure to cyber risk from every possible angle.

Cyber risk does indeed equal business risk and you need to be able to have objective conversations that every stakeholder can understand, to gain a true perspective of the financial business impacts.

Make the right risk management decisions in near real-time

Knowing your enterprise’s exposure to cyber risk-related financial liabilities is essential to cementing an effective management strategy. Using our dynamic out of the box risk models makes it faster and easier to measure your cyber risk from a financial perspective.

Our innovative risk quantification solution will empower everyone within the organization to make swift, informed decisions concerning cyber risk as they arise. When this happens, your business will thrive.

Equipped with powerful financial insights, you can focus on how to prioritize your cybersecurity investments based on risk reduction with a clear ROI. This approach will empower you to make the best decisions impact on security performance while reducing the need for additional resources.


Take charge of your business’s risk management strategy

“Not having a bonified security team, put us at a severe disadvantage. The automation in RiskQ’s ValuRisQ platform eliminated the need for several positions and decreased our costs by over 300%.”

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As pioneers in cyber risk assessment and quantification, our cutting-edge solutions are fortified by five years of industry and academic research. We are a leading force in the cybersecurity, privacy, and risk fields—and now we want to help you.



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