Our programs help businesses to increase their revenue streams using our digital risk management and cyber security platform.

RiskQ’s partnership programs enable Resellers, System Integrators, Technology Partners and Managed Security Service Providers to scale their cybersecurity business by harnessing the power of our flagship platform.

Did you know? We trained Verizon to increase their cybersecurity sales by 12% in just one month?

Strategic Technology Alliances

We are partnered with IBM, HP, and other major cybersecurity and asset management vendors. We integrate with our technology partners using APIs, which allow for quick and accurate data collection.


For MSSPs, we provide an upsell to our risk platform. We integrate with the MSSPs Vulnerability, Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) and/or Advanced Threat Prevention Systems. Our Cyber Risk Management Platform provides a level of information that prioritizes the remediation of threats, vulnerabilities and incidents based on financial impacts. This value is aligned to the effectiveness of the customer’s cybersecurity program.


Our training is provided by our Sister Company Cyber Intelligence 4U in conjunction with Pace Univeristy’s Siedenberg School of Computer Science and Information systems. Our partners are provided state-of-the-art training via our learning management system (LMS) and are awarded a Pace University’s Cybersecurity Certificate upon completion. Our tried and tested approach to learning is a credentialed program that is recognized by academic and industry leaders worldwide.

System Integrators

Systems Integration Partners gain the power to provide a vast range of value-added services, including consulting, product implementation, customization and customer support with RiskQ.

Are you ready to propel your business forward?

If you’re looking to drive innovation, reduce your customers’ cybersecurity risk, and boost your cybersecurity sales with our cutting edge technology and partnership opportunities, get in touch. Our in-house experts will be happy to help you get the ball rolling, one innovative initiative at a time.

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