Essential Privacy and Cyber Regulatory Information at Your Fingertips

There are over 100 cybersecurity and privacy laws today.
Proactively identify and compare applicable laws, authorities, oversight requirements, and redress mechanisms in place when carrying out your Data Privacy Impact, Cybersecurity and Transfer Impact Assessments.

Privacy & cyber regulatory compliance- RiskQ

Privacy Index

Our privacy Index assists in indentifying and comparing priorities for data protection requirements across jurisdictions, data types, technologies used and industries.

Save your team from weeks of research and thousands of dollars in consulting feeds with RiskQ’s regulatory solution.

Identifying & comparing cybersecurity requirements- RiskQ

Privacy Portal

Compare and map data protection, privacy, and security requirements across the world. We map privacy, cybersecurity and risk to provide the business the right data to make the right decisions.

Compare and assess applicable laws to privacy risk management- RiskQ

Privacy Map

We provide you deep dive information into any privacy law across the globe.

As a leader in unpacking privacy, cybersecurity and risk management, RiskQ will arm your business with the tools to take charge of its regulatory destiny with access to powerful visual insights designed for the digital age.

RiskQ's privacy map to learn privacy laws around the world- RiskQ

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