Quantify and protect your business from the looming threat of cybercrime with RiskQ’s innovative quantification technology & cyber risk management solution

Our industry-leading platform and risk assessment technology will empower you to measure your exposure to cyber risks and help fortify every area of your organization’s cyber ecosystem.

Cyber security risk management with innovative technology- RiskQ

Creating a risk assessment culture

Our accredited university programs provide the only effective method to measure cyber quantify risk from a business perspective.

Pace University- Our university research partner- RiskQ
Our platform is the result of five years of university research in collaboration with the Fortune 1000 and cyber insurance industry, RiskQ’s proven assessment models are developed by top CISOs, CROs and CFOs in the world.

Thought-leading enterprises use our cutting-edge models in a water-tight security performance management programs—because they work.

Not only do we implement the tools and technology to measure and improve cyber protection—we also empower businesses with the knowledge to create a culture of risk management with our support and training.

Make quicker, better decisions under pressure

In the digital age, cybersecurity is the #1 business issue. Weaknesses within your organizational infrastructure must be understood in context to their financial exposure – swift, informed decision making is vital.

Our cutting-edge cyber risk management modules serve up detailed data visualizations that will empower you to spot any issues as they emerge while making targeted choices that save significant amounts of time and money.

Discover and prioritize cyber risk exposure

By identifying potential cyber risks, you can nip them in in the bud with confidence. Our cyber risk modules will help discover and prioritize cyber risk exposure by empowering you to:

  • Uncover risks to your organization’s crown jewels and automatically prioritization their risk reduction
  • Communicate and act on clear visualizations of digital asset financial exposures
  • Launch responsive remediation by honing into detailed risk metrics and our resource and budget planning modules with a simple click or two
  • Determine which risks require immediate attention and action based on data types, asset types, and related information-centric security impacts


Protect your most prized asset

“ValuRisQ decreased our malware exposure by over $300m in less than 3 months. We would be lost without it.“

CISO Confidential
Insurance Industry


When it comes to cyber risk assessment, you cannot afford to be complacent. Without the right insights to understand financial cyber risk, you can’t prioritize the mitigation and will fall prey to the devastation of cybercrime.

Armed with our innovative risk quantification sand assessment solutions, you will gain intelligence required to thrive in an increasingly hyper-connected world.


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