• How ValuRisQ works? - White Paper - ValuRisQ

    How ValuRisQ works?

    The ValuRisQ next gen cyber risk quantification platform allows the organization to decipher cyber risk details in financial language that everyone understands from the CISO to the board.

    Most solutions have a low level of data confidence and are manual in their application. ValuRisQ automatically incorporates the key business context in the cyber risk analysis by automating the collection of the data. This provides for the highest level of trust in the analysis and allows the business to concentrate on reducing risk, not data gathering. Our reporting is holistic and can be shared with the CISO, Data Privacy Officer, CRO, compliance teams, internal and external auditors.

    The analysis is provided in actionable visualizations that follow the cybersecurity lifecycle. Our solution provides objective output based on cybersecurity and privacy law and is backed by our University Committee of Cyber Attorneys worldwide. The financial data combined with different risk types is the underpinning of a strong foundation for any size business to become cyber resilient.