Cyber risk auditing and assessments

Auditors are the last level of defense in any robust cyber program. To succeed, the Auditor must understand the cybersecurity controls in the context of both business and financial management.

Ronald Reagan said it best: “Trust but verify.”

RiskQ’s leading audit management module gives Auditors a panoramic view of cybersecurity risks in relation to business risk by measuring the cybersecurity exposures and the controls in place. It is essential to move from the check-box compliance mentality to evidence based approach. RiskQ is the only solution that allows for evidence to be validated directly from the assessors in a one stop shop.

Cybersecurity audit: Attest to Cybersecurity controls- RiskQ

Audit Management

RiskQ provides a platform for audit managers to collaborate and share critical assessment and risk data. The platform automatically increases risk when a vulnerability, incident or cybersecurity threat is discovered and lowers risk after remediation activities are in place.

Audit Dashboards, Reports and Workflows

RiskQ ‘s role-based dashboards empower auditors to identify hidden risks, escalate issues with workflows, and report to the audit committee.

Are you ready for optimizing your cybersecurity audits?

RiskQ makes it simple to accept or reject evidence, communicate with the assessors and other team members quickly and effectively.



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