Robust Cyber Risk Metrics for The Board of Directors

Get the Board on top of cyber risk with ValuRisQ

Cyber events now rank among the top three triggers for D&O derivative actions, according to Aon. To protect the enterprise, risk reporting can no longer be subject to mystifying cyber jargon.

Boards need to understand cyber risk in business language and to be presented with meaningful metrics that lead to proactive strategic decision making.

Vendors confuse vulnerabilities, threats, and loss events with risk. This is incorrect and misleading.

Meaningful risk exposures and scores are based on digital asset metrics. Researched with the Fortune 1000 and cyber insurance industry, RiskQ provides the right data to the decision-makers at exactly the right context.

Risk Exposures Tied Back to How Cyber Insurance Companies Pay Claims

Cybercriminals attack the digital assets. They steal data, interrupt business processes, and cause significant regulatory loss.

RiskQ is the only risk engine that uses a digital asset approach which empowers companies to view cyber risk in its proper context.

RiskQ automates the dynamic nature of cyber risk by integrating cybersecurity tool data which identifies vulnerabilities, incidents, and threats that cause risk to rise.

Cyber Risk Board Report and Dashboard

Digital asset cyber risk financial exposures and cybersecurity scoring identify and prioritize key areas for risk mitigation and reduction. Multiple budgeting scenario analysis allows boards to model and drill down into different scenarios quickly and easily.

Mutiple budgeting scenerio analysis ensuring cybersecurity - RiskQ

Connecting the Board

Our cyber risk management platform presents cyber risk in business language that all stakeholders can understand. RiskQ connects the board from a top-down perspective and pinpoints the highest risks which allow for insightful decision making. Now, the power is in your hands.

Boards need to know:

● What are our Crown Jewel asset exposure? How well are they protected?
● How cyber resilient are we?
● What is our ransomware strategy? Can we restore? What is the cost?
● What is our cloud exposure? How does our cloud migration impact our cyber risk?
● Which regulations must we comply with?
● What is our privacy risk? Where is it? How much financial exposure is there?
● How compliant are we with GDPR, CCPA, etc.?
● What is our IoT exposure?
● How mature are our people, process, and tools? How can we scale our maturity?
● What is our third party exposure? Who are the riskiest vendors?
● How much cyber insurance do we need?
● How can we do effective cyber due diligence on our target assets?



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