C-Suite Solutions from RiskQ

Cyber Risk Management Solutions Designed for Senior Decision-Makers.

Cyber is a business issue, and reporting structures are beginning to change with the CISO reporting to the CFO or COO. Reporting direct to the CIO has shown opposing operational agendas, pushing cyber into the backseat.

C suite Solutions- Cyber risk management module- RiskQ

Did you know?

60% of an organization’s infrastructure is in the cloud. The other 40% is a mix of off the shelf and home-grown solutions.

RiskQ allows companies to look at each type of infrastructure in its most accurate context, measuring inherent and residual risk for the most comprehensive set of insightful risk analytics across the organization.

Cybercriminals prey on digital assets. They steal data, derail business processes, and cause regulatory loss based on the kind of data stored in databases and processes in systems. RiskQ is the industry’s only risk engine that takes a digital asset approach, helping companies understand every facet of cyber risk.

Cyber Risk Dashboards

CXOs need to know:

● What are our Crown Jewel asset exposure? How well are they protected?
● What is our cloud exposure?
● Which regulations must we comply with?
● What is our privacy risk? Where is it? How much financial exposure is there?
● How compliant are we with GDPR, CCPA, etc.?
● What is our IoT exposure?
● How mature are our people, process, and tools? How can we scale our maturity?
● What is our third party exposure? Who are the riskiest vendors?
● How much cyber insurance do we need?

Digital asset metrics provide data that gets to the heart of these issues.

Dashboards, Reports and Workflows

We offer integrated modules for every key stakeholder with customizable dashboards, reports, and workflows designed for risk acceptance, escalation, resourcing, and budgeting for mitigation of threats, vulnerabilities, and incidents. Our cutting-edge solution delivers the right insights to make the right decisions.