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New privacy regulations make managing compliance an impossible patchwork of control tests that are incredibly challenging to manage across enterprise infrastructures.

GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, and CCPA (to name a few) are in a state of constant evolution—each with a unique language, enforcement, and security requirements.

RiskQ’s cutting-edge compliance management module allows companies to uniformly map control tests and customize compliance frameworks to reduce redundancies and costs.

Meet cybersecurity requirements at affordable cost- RiskQ

Unified Compliance Map

RiskQ’s unique engine integrates with an accessible graphical user interface to customize the mapping of critical control frameworks.

Compliance Security Assessments

Security assessments can be prescriptive like PCI or non-prescriptive like the GDPR. We have mapped each control test across multiple frameworks to allow companies to avoid confusion and streamline the assessment process.

Integrated Resource, Compliance and Security Assessments

RiskQ’s compliance management module integrates resource, budget, and compliance tasks, with security assessments and auditing, to provide the most efficient compliance program possible.



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