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In today’s world, cybercrime is recognized as an enterprise risk, and as such, businesses across sectors are implementing robust cyber risk management programs to protect their most important business assets.

Cyber risk is its own discipline and must be understood in its true context, RiskQ’s cutting-edge risk management module empowers risk managers to measure cyber exposures that align with how cyber insurance companies pay a claim.

Integrated cyber security risk management- RiskQ

Integrated Risk Management

RiskQ provides a platform for forward-thinking risk managers to quantify cyber risk and share the results of the risk assessments with all stakeholders. Features like budgeting, resourcing, compliance, and auditing processes are included with this module. Our platform software is designed to optimize your risk management strategy across the entire business in a way that everyone involved has objective data and can collaborate together.

Digital Asset Risk Quantification

RiskQ’s unique digital asset approach and cyber risk engine creates objective financial metrics by quantifying cyber exposures related to data loss due to malware, business interruption due to ransomware and denial of service (DoS) and regulatory losses due to fines and penalties from potential cyber-attacks.

Data From Cybersecurity Tools – Continuous Control Monitoring

RiskQ ingests cybersecurity tool data from tools that identify vulnerabilities, incidents, and threats which increase cyber risk. This is an innovation that will help you to consistently lower risk while improving your decision-making across the board by monitoring the effectiveness of your controls in a in a continuous manner.


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