RiskQ’s Robust Solution for Data Privacy Officers

Keep your data safe, secure & be compliant with privacy regulations

GDPR and the new privacy regulations require cybersecurity control assessments.

On average, 40% of U.S. companies are in scope for GDPR. This past year, California and several other states have regulated requirements for the use, collection, and security of privacy data. Cybersecurity protocols must ensure that privacy data stays completely confidential and that its integrity is intact.

RiskQ empowers companies with a comprehensive set of policies, procedures, and reports to demonstrate privacy compliance for GDPR and other U.S. state privacy regulations—tying together security, privacy and compliance in one robust solution.

RiskQ's Robust management solution for data privacy officer-  CCPA

Integrated Compliance, Security and Privacy

GDPR is a set of 99 articles and 173 rectials that require security controls at the organization and system level. Privacy regulations like the CCPA map to these security requirements. These requirements include a privacy impact assessment.

RiskQ uses a flexible compliance mapping engine equipped with a graphical user interface to map multiple regulatory requirements with hints for evidence and the ability to upload the evidence for each article or provision for easy auditing.

GDPR and CCPA Dashboards

GDPR and CCPA are multi-faceted and require a deep understanding of each regulation, down to the last detail. Demonstration of compliance requires resourcing and budgeting that aligns with how an organization prioritizes each requirement or regulation. Integrated compliance, resource, and budget modules provide the visibility needed to succeed in these key areas.

Privacy Impact Assessment

RiskQ identifies which systems are in scope for the privacy risk assessment for GDPR, CCPA or any privacy regulation. Our cutting-edge risk engine models calculate financial exposures and measure the confidentiality and integrity of each system within your business’s infrastructure.



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