Cutting-Edge Cyber Solutions for Today’s Vendor Cyber Managers

Robust vendor management solutions to protect your entire business ecosystem with confidence.

Did you know? 63% of reported data breaches are linked to vendors. Plus, typically over 60% of a company’s data is given to third parties for processing.

Once data leaves your organization, the likelihood of a data breach rises substantially due to the lack of transparency of the vendors cybersecurity posture.

RiskQ’s Vendor Cyber Risk Management module allows companies to verify cybersecurity posture in terms of financial exposure, controls and risk— giving you the power to negotiate better terms with the vendor.

Cyber security solution for vendor Risk management- RiskQ

The Three Essential Levels of Vendor Verification

Level one: Quantifying exposures related to third parties.

Level two: High-level risk assessment across the business ecosystem.

Level three: A deep-dive risk assessment.

Each level of vendor-based data has specific use cases related to risk reduction based on how the vendor is in contact with your data, technologies, processes or systems.

Vendor Risk Exposures and Scores

Quantifying vendor risk and finding the hidden gaps in their cybersecurity program will allow you to take complete control of the vendor as never before. Vendors will have to align their cybersecurity programs to the needs of their customers or face the consequences—it’s that simple.

Vendor Unintended Consequences

Data breach costs due to vendors (third-parties) are inherited by your company (first- party). RiskQ uses a cutting-edge digital asset approach that identifies which digital assets your vendors touch and swiftly assesses how much exposure and risk they carry. It is the most water-tight vendor management solution available.