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Strengthen every digital aspect of your business with our cyber risk management program – with data that everyone can understand.

Panoramic views of your entire business ecosystem

Our cutting-edge cyber risk analysis platform will empower you to roll out a wealth of dynamic mitigation and reporting strategies across the business—including:

  • Ransomware strategies: Know (with confidence) if you should pay or restore with our financially-driven ransomware strategy.
  • Third-party risk management: Identify and prioritize any supply chain issue in an instant. Manage your suppliers, partners, and vendors in a way that puts you in the driver’s seat.
  • Board reporting: Share dynamic visualizations and reports with the board, senior management, and all other teams to inspire the right conversations based on concrete, accessible, and objective metrics.
  • Vulnerability prioritization: Drill down into the relationships between key financial metrics and vulnerabilities to gain the right level of insight for making informed, valuable, and watertight cybersecurity investment decisions.
  • Enterprise business: Analyze the relationships between your shared infrastructure and cybersecurity tools by drilling down deep into quantification metrics by parent, holding company or subsidiary down to the business unit level.
  • Cybersecurity Roadmap and ROI: Determine the risk reduction based on cyber tools and define your cybersecurity tool roadmap and ROI.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Analyze the relationships between your data, region, technology that puts your firm in scope for regulatory compliance and use our ValuRisQ platform to automate compliance.
  • Cyber Insurance: Determine the amount of aggregate limit and sublimits needed for your business.
  • M&A: Uncover financial exposures and risk related to our M&A prospects for your cyber due diligence.

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“We need 400 times more cyber insurance than we had. We would have been unsustainable if we were attacked.”

CFO Confidential

Healthcare Industry

Companies lack a fundamental understanding of cyber risk severity and associated liabilities, underestimating their financial exposure. But not anymore. RiskQ’s business management and analytics solutions will give you the tools to identify and tackle potential cyber risks while streamlining your operational efficiency across the board.

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